Extractor fan kit

An extractor fan is excellent at helping to help remove moisture and unwanted odours from your home or office. Our extensive range has got you covered with products available in a range of styles and colours to suit all room sizes and locations, the right extractor will help to prevent unwanted steam from lingering and to help avoid damp problems.

At Sunny Electrical Supplies we stock a number of different extractor fans, be they axial fans, Centrifugal Fans or in-line fans. 

For entry level fans we have two options. Both are Axial fans. The Manrose XF100T is a firm favourite as a cheap and cheerful extractor fan for any toilet or bathroom. Following that we have the Xpelair DX100TS 93026AW, which is Xpelair's option that we keep.  It comes with solid ducting and an external grille too. 

As a midrange fan, Xpelair also offer as part of the Simply Silent Ghost range, the Xpelair C4HTSR 078360 which is again an axial fan, but has a Humidity sensor and timer built in and comes with a square and round bezel in the box. 

When it comes to centrifugal fans, the Premier CF20TX.  Premier universal centrifugal extract fans feature variable extract performances that can be configured at installation for condensation and air quality control in toilet, bathroom, utility room and kitchen applications.

We will be adding more fans to our range including the Airflow Icon fans. 

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