Crabtree Starbreaker 12 Way Metal Clad Consumer Unit with SPD & 10 RCBO's CSB1122

A consumer unit, also known as a fuse board or electrical fusebox, distributes electricity from the mains supply to individual circuits around a property. It acts as the control centre for the power supply while helping to prevent electrical shocks and fires, as each circuit is monitored and will trip the system if any overloads are detected. A distribution board typically includes a main switch which can be used to manually turn the power off and on if required to isolate the supply. Various devices be them RCBO's or MCB's are then fitted according to the requirements of the building and the occupants.

With everyone looking for the cheapest board possible, Crabtree have launched a new populated Consumer Unit which comes loaded with SPD and RCBO's and is very cost effective when compared to the likes of Fusebox and Live. 

The CSB1122 is:
  • Supplied with 1 x CRT2SPD/P and 1 x 100A DP isolator and a full complement of earth and neutral terminals along with marking labels, busbar and instructions
  • Full metal enclosure, no exposed plastic parts
  • Low smoke and fume paint
  • Self closing, stay shut door and metal hinges
  • Cable entry knockouts on all sides and large square knockouts on the rear
  • Mains tails cable entry grommet for supplementary insulation similar to Class II level of protection to tails
  • Non combustible cover blanks for unused ways
  • Extra height for added wiring space with single module RCBOs
  • 4 x 32Amp RCBO, 2 x 16Amp RCBO, 4 x 6Amp and 2 Blanks