Metro Pre Paid MET002 Three Phase Meter

Sale price£94.99


A three phase encryption enabled prepayment meter with PayPoint integrated vending of power codes. 

Metro Prepaid provides a utility collections service for UK Landlords using prepayment meters.Tenants purchase power codes to top up their meters from any PayPoint store or on-line. Metro Prepaid collects the funds from the sale of the power codes and directs them back the the Landlord.

Metro Prepaid Three Phase Meter 

  • A three phase encryption enabled prepayment meter.
  • MID Certified.
  • IEC Class 1.
  • 100 Amps.
  • 50 Hertz.
  • Emergency credit.
  • Silent low credit warning.
  • Tamper resistance.
  • P54 rating.
  • PayPoint vending of power codes.
Code: MET002

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