Lightwave Outdoor 2 gang Smart Socket

LightwaveRFSKU: LP42IP

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Lightwave Outdoor 2 gang Smart Socket LP42IP

This is the ultimate Outdoor Smart Socket. Engineered to endure the harshest elements while offering seamless control over your devices, this smart socket is your gateway to convenience and energy efficiency outdoors. Experience a new level of comfort as you effortlessly manage your outdoor lighting, electronics and appliances remotely, revolutionising the way you interact with your home.

  • Industry-Leading Wireless Range: Boasting Lightwave's unparalleled wireless capabilities, this smart socket offers an extended reach which is perfect for controlling devices that are positioned far away from the hub. Enjoy seamless connectivity and control without worrying about signal limitations.

  • Robust Weatherproof Build: The IP66 rated weather-resistant casing manufactured from top-grade polycarbonate materials protects this smart socket from rain, snow, dust, and UV exposure, ensuring year-round durability and reliability.

  • Remote Access and Control: Connect to your outdoor devices from anywhere through the user-friendly Lightwave app. Effortlessly turn on/off, schedule, or set dusk & dawn timers for your garden features with just a tap on your phone.

  • Voice Assistant Integration: Enjoy hands-free control with popular voice assistants like Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant. "Alexa... it's time for a barbecue!"

  • Energy Monitoring and Efficiency: Track real-time energy consumption of connected devices to make informed decisions and save on utility bills. Set energy usage thresholds and receive alerts for eco-conscious living.

  • Easy Installation: Effortlessly set up the smart socket within minutes. The intuitive installation process requires no specialised tools or additional wiring, making it accessible to everyone.

Elevate your outdoor living with our Outdoor Smart Socket and witness the true potential of a connected home. Enjoy the freedom, convenience, and peace of mind that comes with having complete control over your outdoor devices, empowering you to lead a more intelligent and energy efficient lifestyle.

Please Note: Lightwave Link Plus hub is required for app & voice control. This product has been specifically designed for the included weatherproof housing.

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