Endon GU10 LED SMD 1lt Accessory Light 97114

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A dimmable and bright 7W SMD GU10 lamp in cool white, incorporating the latest LED technology. This ensures the lamp can be used safely within enclosed heads, such as outdoor, bathroom and fire recessed cans, with no reduction in performance or lifetime. With a beam angle of 60 degrees, this lamp is equivalent to a 75W halogen. Other options available in this range
Matt white plastic & clear prismatic
Constructed from thermoplastic & polycarbonate

7W LED GU10 Cool White (Included)
K: 4000 Lm: 550 Lm/W: 79
H: 54mm Dia: 50mm

7W LED GU10 Cool White (Included)
K: 4000 Lm: 585 Lm/W: 84
H: 54mm Dia: 50mm

54mm height x 50mm diameter

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