Crabtree Starbreaker 12 Way Metal Clad Consumer Unit with SPD & 8 RCBO's CSB1121

Sale price£252.00


Crabtree Starbreaker fully loaded 12 module consumer unit fitted with SPD and 8 RCBO's and 1 blanks.

  • Supplied with 1 x CRT2SPD/P and 1 x 100A DP isolator and a full complement of earth and neutral terminals along with marking labels, busbar and instructions
  • Full metal enclosure, no exposed plastic parts
  • Low smoke and fume paint
  • Self closing, stay shut door and metal hinges
  • Cable entry knockouts on all sides and large square knockouts on the rear
  • Mains tails cable entry grommet for supplementary insulation similar to Class II level of protection to tails
  • Non combustible cover blanks for unused ways
  • Extra height for added wiring space with single module RCBOs
  • 3 x 32Amp RCBO, 1 x 16Amp RCBO, 4 x 6Amp and 1 Blank

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